The Crime

It was a late Friday evening at the Robinson’s residence just as any night but not quite so, for on this evening the son of the family decided to take a short walk through the neighbourhood because his parents had a terrible argument about why they should move to a new place and he did not like that, so he went for a walk but that was not such a wise idea because like every Friday people go to the bar and get stiff, only to get a hangover over the weekend.

Patrick as was the boy’s name was met by a man who barely was able walk or even less think, and the events that followed are unspeakable. It happened as followed: It was getting very late for Patrick so he took a short cut through an alley and it was there he was met by the man who committed the crime of murder. He took the bottle in his hand that he broke a few minutes before and accidentally scared the boy and afterwards hit him several time until there was nothing left of his face but the formation of his skull.

The following day the crime scene forensics team arrived at the scene and assembled the necessary evidence like DNA, fingerprints and any possible witnesses to the case, but it is as always difficult to find witnesses to a murder which has occurred in an alley where no one goes frequently. The data collected at the scene was sent to a laboratory where it was processed and compared to any records on the database which has hundreds of thousands files of persons stored. The process of the data analysis is as according: The blood from the crime scene is analysed and put into categories to determine the victims’ blood and the perpetrators blood. And when it has been done the only thing missing is the perpetrator himself. That it much harder to determine and almost impossible if he has no record, or if no data is collected to pin the crime directly to him.

However the police did manage to find a person who saw the crime through her window and that was all that was missing to find the perpetrator. However unlikely it seems the perpetrator was her neighbour. Since the offender has been identified the rest was only paperwork and the trial. The trial went smoothly like a baby’s chin. He was set behind bars for the rest of his life with no chance of parole or exoneration.


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